Digital Marketing and Sales in B2B

  • Typ: Sonstige (sonst.)
  • Semester: SS 2021
  • Dozent: Anja Konhäuser
  • SWS: 1
  • LVNr.: 2571156
  • Hinweis: Online

Learning Sessions:

The class gives insights into digital marketing strategies as well as the effects and potential of different channels (e.g., SEO, SEA, Social Media). After an overview of possible activities and leverages in the digital marketing field, including their advantages and limits, the focus will turn to the B2B markets. There are certain requirements in digital strategy specific to the B2B market, particularly in relation to the value chain, sales management and customer support. Therefore, certain digital channels are more relevant for B2B marketing than for B2C marketing.
Once the digital marketing and tactics for the B2B markets are defined, further insights will be given regarding core elements of a digital strategy: device relevance (mobile, tablet), usability concepts, website appearance, app decision, market research and content management. A major advantage of digital marketing is the possibility of being able to track many aspects of of user reactions and user behaviour. Therefore, an overview of key performance indicators (KPIs) will be discussed and relationships between these KPIs will be explained. To measure the effectiveness of digital activities, a digital report should be set up and connected to the performance numbers of the company (e.g. product sales) – within the course the setup of the KPI dashboard and combination of digital and non-digital measures will be shown to calculate the Return on Investment (RoI).

Presentation Sessions:

After the learning sessions, the students will form groups and work on digital strategies within a case study format. The presentation of the digital strategy will be in front of the class whereas the presentation will take 20 minutes followed by 10 minutes questions and answers.

  • Understand digital marketing and sales approaches for the B2B sector
  • Recognise important elements and understand how-to-setup of digital strategies
  • Become familiar with the effectiveness and usage of different digital marketing channels
  • Understand the effect of digital sales on sales management, customer support and value chain
  • Be able to measure and interpret digital KPIs
  • Calculate the Return on Investment (RoI) for digital marketing by combining online data with company performance data

time of presentness = 15 hrs.

private study = 30 hrs.




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