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Accreditation of Academic Results from Studying Abroad

The level of courses abroad has to be consistent with the respective courses' level at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Please consider the following steps:


Step 1: Complete the form "Anerkennung der Auslandsstudienleistung" and prepare a detailed course description (please add your Email and telephone number). The course description should contain the following information:

  • Name of the university abroad
  • Country of the university abroad
  • Course name
  • Name of the lecturer
  • Course level: undergraduate, postgraduate
  • ECTS-points
  • Exam formalities


Step 2: Submit the completed form together with the course description to the secretary.


Step 3: After two to three weeks of processing time you can collect the form again in our office.


Step 4: After participating in the course abroad the lecturer has to complete the evaluation sheet and assess your course performance. Please note that we only accept evaluation sheets containing the stamp of the foreign university.


Step 5: After returning to the KIT please complete the form "Stellungnahme zum Antrag auf Anerkennung einer Prüfungs- oder Studienleistung" and submit all documents together to the secretary.