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Seminar in Marketing und Vertrieb (Master)

Seminar in Marketing und Vertrieb (Master)
type: Seminar (S)
semester: WS 19/20
lecturer: Prof. Dr. Martin Klarmann
sws: 2
lv-no.: 2572181

will be announced in the seminary.

Content of teaching

The seminary teaches students to gain a systematic overview of a field of literature in Marketing - an important prerequisite for a successful master thesis. Central aspects are identification of relevant literature sources, systematization of the field, working out central insights, writing comprehensively, and identification of research gaps.


Students interested in master thesis positions at the chair of marketing should participate in the marketing seminar. For further information please contact Marketing & Sales Research Group (marketing.iism.kit.edu)


The total workload for this course is approximately 90 hours. For further information see German version.



  • can exploit a literature field systematically
  • are able to write an academic paper in a formally correct way
  • can assess the relevance and quality of sources
  • are able to get an overview of sources very quickly
  • know how to find relevant sources for a literature field
  • are capable to write a convincing outline
  • know how to categorize a subject under a research field
  • understand how to systematize literature fields theoretically and empirically with the help of literature tables
  • can identify the most important findings in a huge number of sources
  • are able to present a research field
  • can discuss the theoretical and practical implications of a topic
  • are capable to identify interesting research gaps